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Mission Statement
For more information about common Code Enforcement issues, see links below:

Property Maintenance (General)
Abandoned / Inoperable Vehicles

Marijuana Cultivation

Code Enforcement is essentially the enforcement arm of CDSA.  Code Enforcement’s primary responsibility is for enforcement of the County’s land use regulations which involves the identification and abatement of public nuisances throughout the unincorporated area of the County with emphasis directed towards urbanized areas together with points of entry into the County.  Where conditions are determined to be in conflict with the County’s land use regulations and detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of our residents, or where conditions have a blighted influence on the community, the Division will cause those conditions to be abated either through voluntary compliance or, when necessary, through official action.

Our approach to each complaint is with a fundamental respect of individual property rights.  Once a violation is confirmed to exist, officers educate those who are in violation about the County’s regulations and provide options to remedy the violation.  Officers will continue to work with properties as long as they move in a positive direction.  If all violations are corrected within a reasonable time-frame, cases are often closed without any further action or cost recovery.  In circumstances where voluntary abatement of violations is not achieved, officers will heighten enforcement strategies up to and including official abatement of the nuisance and recovery of operating costs for enforcement.

You can find the Yuba County Ordinance Codes here.

2024 Annual Board of Supervisors Report