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Abandoned/Inoperative Vehicles

AVA (Abandoned Vehicle Abatement) Program

Yuba County is the local Service Authority for the States Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program. The authority has three (3) entity members consisting of the County of Yuba, the City of Marysville and the City of Wheatland. The program is designed to assist service authorities by offsetting the cost to remove vehicles that are abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or otherwise inoperable within the County right-of-way.

Of the 58 Counties in the State of California approximately 39 Service Authorities have been established. This program is funded by registration fees. A $1.00 (one dollar) fee is collected each time a vehicle / motorcycle / vessel is registered within the County. Based on a fiscal year, each participating service authority is provided funding in quarterly increments.

Each year the service authority is required to submit an annual report to the State Department of Finance. This report will identify the total amount of funds received, the number of vehicles removed, total expenditures for the service authority, the cost of each removal and any unexpended funds.

For general information regarding Vehicle Abatement, please refer to our Vehicle Abatement Pamphlet. If you would like to report a vehicle or have any questions about this program, please submit a complaint.

Vehicles abandoned on private property are presumed to be the property owner's responsibility and are not subject to removal with AVA funding; therefore, the property owner will be financially responsible for the removal. The California Highway Patrol is the primary agency for the State Highways.