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Property Maintenance (General)

What is Property Maintenance?

The main focus of property maintenance is coupled with complimentary disciplines that include:

  • Substandard Housing
  • Dangerous Buildings
  • Vacant/Abandoned Properties
  • Illegal Occupancy – vehicles; structures
  • Abandoned Vehicle Abatement
  • Parking Enforcement – front yard; commercial vehicle; Use of street for storage; improper parking
  • Visual Blight – accumulation of junk and trash; graffiti; dismantled vehicles
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Fire Hazards – fire breaks; excessive vegetation
  • Building – illegal/unpermitted development
  • Zoning/Land-Use – setbacks; conditions of approval; businesses; fencing; livestock; camping
  • Health – drug houses; vector/vermin; sanitation/sewage discharge; mobile food vendor; homeless encampments
  • Public Works – grading; storm water; road encroachments
  • Cannabis Enforcement

Who is Responsible for Property Maintenance?

Regardless of whether an owner is in actual possession of his or her real property, it is the duty of every owner of real property within the unincorporated area of Yuba County to prevent a public nuisance described in this Chapter from arising on, or from existing upon, his or her real property. However various parties can be responsible for property maintenance duties depending on the type of property, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Owners of land
  • Some renters
  • Joint owners or joint tenants of property
  • Merchants, shop keepers, and retail store owners
If you would like to report a violation, please submit a complaint.