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Certified Farmers' Markets and Certified Producers Certificates

Are you interested in selling produce at a Certified Farmers' Market? 

By becoming a Certified Producer, you can sell the produce you have grown at a Certified Farmers' Market.
Certified Producer Certificates are renewed annually.  An initial growing grounds inspection is required to verify that all products which will be sold at the Certified Farmers' Market (CFM) are grown by the Certified Producer.   

If you are currently a Certified Producer and you would like to update your certificate, the following link will take you to CDFA's website

Certified Producers' whom lease farming ground are required to provide a copy of the lease agreement during the renewal or initial issuance of a certificate.  The following form is a template for a lease agreement which meets FAC lease.  

If you plan on selling the produce of another Certified Producer, please complete this form.  At the beginning of the market you are required to have a larger amount of agricultural products than the second Certified Producer you are selling for.  

CFM Regulations and Rules

Don't forget to post an embossed copy of your Certified Producer Certificate as well as conspicuous sign which includes the Certified Producer's name or Business name, the county in which the produce is grown and "we sell what we grow" or similar language.  

Contact the CFM manager to determine if a market has additional rules or restrictions.  


Yuba County Certified Farmer's Market Locations and Hours of Operation

Brownsville Certified Farmer's Market
16796 Willow Glen Road, Brownsville
June-September Saturday 9am-12pm

Grange Certified Farmer's Market
2750 Highway 20, Marysville
May-October Saturday 10am-2pm