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Transfer of Base Year Value for Persons 55 or Older

Important: Voters passed Proposition 19 in November 2020.  The portion of that law that affects base year value transfers for persons over 55 is effective 4/1/2021. Transfers that occur prior to that date fall under the provisions of Proposition 60. Transfers that occur on or after     4/1​/2021 are subject to the new provisions under Proposition 19. Go to Proposition 19 to learn more. 

Proposition 60  Transfer of Base Year Value for Persons 55 or Older (Revenue and Taxation Code 69.5)

Property owners of at least 55 years of age may transfer the base year value of their principal residence to a replacement principal residence. The replacement must be of equal or lesser current market value and located within the same county.  Yuba County does not allow base year transfers from other counties. 

The over-55 principal residence base year transfer is a one-time only benefit with one exception:  if a claimant becomes physically and permanently disabled after transferring the taxable value under the age requirements, the claimant may transfer the taxable value a second time under the disability requirements (Prop 110), if the move is related to the disability. Additional information may be found on the  Board of Equalization’s FAQs

Claim 55 Years of Age Transfer Base Year Value Form