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Inspection Request Form

All inspection requests must be made one business day in advance.  Requests received before 7am weekdays will be scheduled the same business day, requests received after hours or on weekends will be scheduled for the next business day, unless a different date is requested.  If you want to schedule an inspection in advance, please provide the specific date you are requesting the inspection.  Please note: AM or PM inspection requests will not be considered.

To obtain the approximate two-hour inspection window for your inspection, please have your permit number ready  and call our main line at 530-749-5440

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Project check list - select all that apply

    Foundation - Setback / Footing     Rough Trades - Rough Framing 
    Foundation - Underslab Plumbing     Rough Trades - Rough Electric
    Foundation - Pre-Slab     Rough Trades - Rough Plumbing / Test
    Site Utilities - Sewer Line     Rough Trades - Rough Mechanical
    Site Utilities - Water Service     Rough Trades - Rough Fire Sprinklers / Test
    Site Utilities - Underground Conduit     Additional Trade Elements - Shower Pan Test
    Site Utilities - Building Gas Test     Additional Trade Elements - Stucco Lath
    Site Utilities - Underground Gas Line / Test     Additional Trade Elements - Stucco Scratch
    Site Utilities - Green Tag Natural Gas     Additional Trade Elements - Roof / Wall Insulation
    Site Utilities - Green Tag Propane Gas     Additional Trade Elements - Drywall Nail / Screw
    Site Utilities - Green Tag Electrical     Structural - Shearwall / Siding
    Manufactured Homes - Tie Down System     Structural - Roof Nailing
    Manufactured Homes - Underpinning     Project Final
    Manufactured Homes - Roof & Wall Bolting / Close Up     Pools and Spas - Pre-Gunite / Anti Entrapment Grate
    Manufactured Homes - Continuity Test     Pools and Spas - Pre-Deck Bonding Grid
    Manufactured Homes - Manometer Test     Pools and Spas - Pre-Plaster / Fencing / Alarms