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East Wheatland Expressway

Project Background:

In 2017 Wheatland City Council adopted a resolution approving the formation of the South Yuba Transportation Improvement Authority (SYTIA). The formation of SYTIA created a means for ongoing collaboration between Yuba County and the City of Wheatland regarding key transportation improvements in south Yuba County. These key transportation improvements were studied as part of the Comprehensive Implementation Strategy (CIS) completed by SYTIA in 2022. The figure below is from the SYTIA CIS and shows the four projects that were studied: East Wheatland Expressway, South Beale Road Interchange, State Route (SR) 70 Loop On-Ramp with Plumas Lake Boulevard Extension, and a future SR 65 Realignment. 

SYTIA CIS_65 Bypass

With the CIS completed, SYTIA is now working in cooperation with Yuba County, the City of Wheatland, and Placer County to construct the East Wheatland Expressway.  The East Wheatland Expressway would be a new local road connecting Spenceville Road east of Wheatland to SR 65 at Riosa Road just west of Sheridan. The Expressway would include an overcrossing of SR 65, the Union Pacific Railroad, a bridge across Bear River, and a crossing of the South Sutter Canal north of Riosa Road. During the course of this project, various alternative designs will be proposed, and community input will be assessed. 
2953_2. Wheatland Expressway_Alignment Comparison - Copy - Copy


The following map shows the project area:
East Wheatland Expressway Map 2


The purpose of the proposed project is to:

  • Provide secondary access to Beale Air Force Base to improve access and response times in the event of an emergency.
  • Provide an additional safety route for emergency evacuation from Yuba County in the event of a flood or fire.
  • Reduce congestion and delay within and approaching the City of Wheatland by establishing a new local road connection from Riosa Road to Spenceville Road.
  • Provide access to future development and growth anticipated east of central Wheatland.
  • Support the development of quality housing near Beale Air Force Base to reduce commute lengths and times for personnel at the base.
  • Improve air quality in central Wheatland at the Main Street traffic signal by reducing delays and diverting traffic to a new local road connection from Riosa Road to Spenceville Road.
  • Improve safety on SR 65 by reducing congestion near the City of Wheatland.



The current “study” phase of the project is being funded entirely by local impact fees through SYTIA's Traffic Impact Fee program. Ultimately, Federal-aid or State grant funds will be sought for future phases of the project, including construction.

Final Project Study Report

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