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Two types of kennels may be permitted in the County as noted in the Development Code.

Commercial Kennel - Commercial purposes means any use which involves the keeping of three or more cats, and/or dogs four months of age or older for breeding, boarding, training, grooming, or other commercial purposes. The keeping and/or breeding of dogs and/or cats in excess of those permitted as a hobby shall be deemed a commercial use.

Hobby Kennel - Means the owning or breeding of up to seven dogs and/or cats four months of age or older primarily for personal use. Such use may include, but shall not be limited to: househould pets; the participation in recognized on formation shows; field and obedience trials; racking; scenting; specialized hunting or working trials, and water trials; service training; for the purposes of improving the physical soundness, temperament, and conformaiton of a given breed to a standard; or for rescue/foster purposes. Hobby kennels are limited to breeding and selling no more than two litters per 12 month period regardless of the number of dogs and/or cats owned or providing no more than five instances of the performance of services to animal owners within a 12 month period. Dogs used in herding livestock incidental to a permitted agricultural use are excluded.

The Kennel Program in Yuba County ensures that every commercial kennel is constructed properly, is provided with adequate cleaning and drainage, and that the animals are provided with essential care. Annual inspections are conducted by YCEH personnel at all permitted kennels in Yuba County.

 Yuba County Ordinance Code Chaper 6.25

Before you make plans for a kennel, please contact the Yuba County Planning Department to ascertain that a kennel will be allowed in the location you are considering.

Program Contact: Erin Hochstrasser or Jodi Bird - (530) 749-5450