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Emergency Response


Yuba County is home to many businesses that manufacture, store, sell, use and dispose of hazardous materials.  Additionally, large volumes of hazardous materials are transported through the county on various transportation corridors such as railway and highways.  It is essential that a response plan be developed and maintained to protect the public, environment and property from an accidental release involving chemicals.  This plan is known as the Yuba County Hazardous Materials Area Plan, also referred to as the Area Plan.   

This Area Plan fulfills the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) regulatory program requirements per State law.  Copies of the Area Plan are on file in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The Area Plan can be used as a resource document in conjunction with the Yuba County Emergency Operations Plan and other local and state plans.

The Area Plan describes the County’s pre-incident planning and preparedness for hazardous materials releases.  It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of federal, state and local agencies during a hazardous materials incident.  It describes the County’s hazardous materials incident response program, training, communications and post-incident recovery procedures. Yuba County Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan "Area Plan" is  located in Appendix F of the Yuba County Emergency Operation Plan and can be viewed by clicking on the logo below.

Yuba County Environmental Health are members of and provide support to the regional Yuba-Sutter Hazardous Materials Response Team (YSMRT).  Currently there are two staff certified as Hazardous Materials Specialsit that support the operations group and an additional staff that provides cost recovery and funding support to the administartion group. 

Program Contact: Gary Cantwell - (530) 749-5450