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Private Water Systems

The Private Water Systems Program for Yuba County ensures that water wells, monitoring wells, cathodic protection wells, and soil borings are properly located and constructed with adequate annular seals to protect the quality of groundwater resources.

YCEHD ensures that all wells and soil borings are constructed, repaired and destroyed by permit and according to State and local standards. We conduct inspections during construction and destruction of wells and soil borings. We investigate reports of abandoned wells and ensure their destruction or repair for use. Any work performed on a well must be conducted by a licensed Well Drilling Contractor - drillers that have registered with YCEHD and have the proper credentials to perform the work are included on this list.

Since 2006, parcels that get their drinking water from a well are required to have a well drilled and the water tested prior to the release of building permits for habitable structures. The Private Water System Program reviews the test results and requires or recommends treatment for contaminants that exceed their primary or secondary maximum contaminant levels.

Program Contact: Erin Hochstrasser or Jodi Bird - (530) 749-5450