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Find everything you need about policies, regulations, & a how to regarding retail food establishments.

Resources for Restaurants
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Food Facility Guidance 
Food Facility Coronavirus Flyer

California Retail Food Code (Calcode)
Retail Construction Guidelines
Plan Review Checklist
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Program Contact: Michelle Martinez-Johnson - (530) 749-5450

If you are purchasing an existing restaurant and you do not anticipate any major construction or remodeling* which requires a building permit: Contact Environmental Health to obtain a Public Operating Health Permit.

If you are planning to construct a new restaurant or are making major modifications to an existing restaurant: Environmental Health Plan Review Program and the submission of plans.

How to obtain an Operating Health Permit:


1) Contact your local planning/building department for permission to construct a restaurant at your chosen location and identify other local regulations (e.g., zoning, need for grease interceptors, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.) which may affect the construction of your food facility. If the business is located in the City of Marysville or the City of Wheatland, you must visit their city website for permitting and building processes. 

2) Download the RETAIL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE. Create floor plans of your restaurant which include all of the requirements from the Retail Construction Guide and from the local building and safety office. Professionally drawn plans are best and will make the approval process much easier. Along with your plans, submit specification sheets for equipment, ventilation systems, water heaters, and finish materials for floors and walls.

3) Submit your plans for approval to the Environmental Health Plan Review Program; then submit the plans to your local building and safety office for approval. After approvals, you may begin construction. Several inspections may be needed during construction.

4) Following construction, contact your local building and safety office for final inspection and approval. Obtain final approvals from your local building and safety office.

5) Contact Environmental Health Plan Review Program to request a final inspection of your facility. Remember, you must obtain all approvals from your local building and safety office (prior to/ in conjunction) to your final inspection with Environmental Health Plan Review Program. After payment of the Public Operating Health Permit fee is made, the permit will be issued.

State Processing Information

Food Processor

If you wish to prepare and package a food product and sell it to the general public, you may be required to obtain a Processed Food Registration and/or Cannery License with the California Department of Public Health Food and Drug Branch . The Food and Drug Branch (FDB) regulates the manufacturing, packing, processing, holding, and distribution of food products in California. California law requires that businesses obtain an FDB license, certificate, or registration for these activities.

Milk and Dairy Activities

Please be advised that all food facilities that provide the following shall obtain proper licenses from the California Department of Food and Agriculture Milk and Dairy  Food Safety Services:

  • Provides soft–serve ice cream, non-dairy frozen dessert or frozen yogurt or
  • Repackages milk and dairy products from their original containers for individual sale. 

 Food Code
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Report a Problem
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