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Park Volunteer Program

Caretakers and Camp Hosts are a big part of the success of Yuba County Parks. Caretakers and Camp Hosts are unpaid volunteer roles at both Hammon Grove and Sycamore Ranch that receive accommodations and amenities in exchange for an agreed amount of work. Volunteers will stay for an agreed period of time at a park to help County staff and visitors. Both roles are onsite at the parks performing duties to create a fun and safe environment for visitors. The roles differ in their focus and approach to serving that need...[read more]

How to Join

If you are interested in joining, please follow these steps:

  1. Read through the role descriptions in the links provided below to further understand what can be expected.
  2. Download and fill out the application. You may fill out and save the PDF, or you may print it to fill it out.
  3. Submit the application by emailing it to [email protected] in PDF format with subject line “Park Volunteer Application.” If you printed your application, you may either scan it in as a PDF and then email it, or you may hand deliver or mail it to the following address:
    County of Yuba
    RE: Park Volunteer Application
    915 8th Street, Ste 125
    Marysville, CA 95901
  4. Attend an interview. Yuba County Parks will contact suitable applicants to schedule an interview as help is needed.
  5. Background check. A background check will be processed upon the applicants consent to determine final eligibility.
  6. Placement. Volunteers will be placed at a park, they will be trained, and the fun will begin.

Roles & Responsibilities

Please read through these following documents related to the Park Volunteer Program to find out more about the roles, duties, and requirements of Camp Hosts and Caretakers:


Apply Now
Please read through How to Join and the Roles & Responsibilities above before applying. Submit completed applications here.


More About

Camp Hosts are public faces for the parks and are often the key point of contact for visitors. Because of that, a high expectation of friendliness, appearance, and helpfulness is expected. More Camp Hosts are needed during the peak season, from spring to winter. As part of the agreement most reside onsite, but in some circumstances—such as a recruit from a university program—they may not. The primary role of Camp Hosts is to provide a fun a nd safe environment for visitors through welcoming, providing information and assistance, giving reminders of rules, and monitoring reservations. The secondary responsibly of the Camp Hosts is to assist with the Caretakers’ responsibilities such as light maintenance, care, and monitoring of the park.

With less focus on visitor management, some volunteers may find the role of Caretaker more fitting. Caretakers generally have longer stays and might stay through the off-season. The primary role of Caretakers is also to provide a fun and safe environment for visitors but through general maintenance, care, and providing an onsite presence, as well as monitoring of the park. The secondary responsibility of Caretakers is to assist with the Camp Hosts’ responsibilities such as welcoming visitors, providing information and assistance, giving reminders of rules, and monitoring reservations. The Caretaker and Camp Host Agreements detail the specifics on responsibilities.

Qualified candidates are selected and offered a conditional agreement that is dependent upon the return, and acceptance by the County, of a satisfactory background check of individuals. This background check may include LiveScan fingerprinting. A fee waiver for onsite standard camping may be granted for some individuals coming from outside the area to await a background check approval. This is only under the condition that they act in no way as County affiliated.
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