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2022 Development Code Update

In the Winter of 2023 the Yuba County Planning Department conducted the 2022 Development Code Update. The 2022 Development Code Update reflected state-led changes in land use law, primarily oriented toward making housing choices more accessible. The Planning Commission Staff Report can be found here, and the Board of Supervisors Staff Report can be found here.

A link to view the clean version and strikethrough version of the Development Code is here

The DC was effectuated on March 14th and a summary is as follows:

  • Temporary Arborists Inclusion: There have been an increase in companies within the post-fire recovery industry that have requested to set up a temporary office to conduct their tree removal services and disposal of hazardous trees in the County. Staff added Temporary Arborists as a Land Use Category that is permitted with a Temporary Use Permit.
  • Animal Livestock Restriction in the Valley Growth Boundary: The County will now prohibit the keeping of animal livestock in the front yards of properties in the Valley Growth Boundary.
  • Ambulances for Special Events: Special Events outside of the Valley Growth Boundary currently requires Yuba County permitted ambulances with advanced life support services (Section 6.05.162). Staff is removing this requirement to relieve undue burdens on applicants and local medical resources.
  • Development Impact Fees for Mobile Home Parks: Mobile Home Parks that are principally permitted do not require Building Permits and therefore do not capture Development Impact Fees. The proposed change requires and captures Development Impact Fees for new Mobile Home Parks prior to Staff approving the projects with Housing and Community Development (HCD).
  • Increase Use Permit Extension: Use Permit Extensions have been extended from 90 days to one year.
  • Day Cares Allowed in Residential Districts: Per SB 234, small and large day cares are allowed in residentially zoned properties.
  • Duplexes Allowed in Single Family Residential: Per SB 9, duplexes are allowed by right in Single Family zoned parcels within the urbanized areas.
  • Principally Allow Uses Associated with a Building Permit: Several uses in the Development Code require a Zoning Clearance for, otherwise, principally permitted uses. Uses that do not require a Use Permit and only require a Building Permit, like building a house, will still have the accompanying planning review. For this reason, Staff is removing the requirement for a Zoning Clearance for land uses that will require a Building Permit to remove an extra step in the permitting process.
  • Steel Posts on Production Homes Fencing: Builders have been using wood posts as a fencing material for production homes. As a result, new owners are having to replace the wood posts in a shorter timeline. Moving forward, Builders are required to install steel posts on fencing for production homes.
  • Remove Construction and Materials Yard in General Commercial: Construction and Materials Yard are more industrial in nature, and is therefore more consistent with uses in the Industrial District than in the General Commercial District. For this reason, Staff is removing the Land Use from General Commercial District.
  • Amend Outdoor Sports and Recreation Definition: The definition of Outdoor Sports and Recreation was expanded to encompass all outdoor activities that were not included in the prior definition. 

Click here for the 2022 Development Code.