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2023 Development Code Update

In the Winter of 2024 the Yuba County Planning Department conducted the 2023 Development Code Update. The Planning Commission Staff Report can be found here, and the Board of Supervisors Staff Report can be found here.

A link to view the clean version and strikethrough version of the Development Code is here

The DC was effectuated on March 28th and a summary is as follows:

  • Freight/Truck Terminals & Warehouses Outside the VGB: Freight/Truck Terminals & Warehouses (truck stops) are no longer an allowed use in the Valley Growth Boundary (VGB), restricting them to being permitted only with a Major Conditional Use Permit in the AI zones. 
  • Outdoor Storage: Removed Outdoor Storage as an allowed use in all of the Commercial and Mixed Use zoning districts (GC, CMX, NMX, DC, & EC ) within the VGB. Added applicability standards and restrictions on hazardous materials and storage of junk, garbage, and rubbish. 
  • Personal Storage: Removed Personal Storage as an allowed use in all of the Commercial and Mixed Use zoning districts (GC, CMX, NMX, DC, & EC ) within the VGB. Added language to clarify that the storage of boats, trailers, and/or other vehicles is prohibited within the VGB unless screened and within an enclosed area. Surfacing shall meet the paving requirements listed in design standards for parking lots. 
  • Solar and Wind Generation Facilities: Prohibited both small and large commercial solar/wind energy facilities within the VGB, confining them solely to properties exceeding 10 acres in size outside the VGB. 
  • Fences: Language has been added to provide clarity on standards, including placement, indicating when a Building Permit is required, and explicitly prohibiting fences in the Right of Way. Furthermore, chain link fencing is no longer an allowed material for multi-family and commercial development in the VGB.
  • Property Access: Property owners shall demonstrate legal access to their subject parcel when they apply for any type of building permit in the County. 
  • Driveway Standards in Residential Districts: Staff has incorporated language clarifying the minimum and maximum width of a driveway, as well as specifying the maximum number of driveways allowed per lot frontage.
  • Parkland Dedications: Staff expanded the range of recreational facilities that may be considered for parkland dedication, in addition to and/or in lieu of fees. For example, the only recreational facility listed was recreational community garden. The list was expanded to also include, green space, outdoor sports activities, outdoor fitness stations, dog friendly amenities, trails, etc. 
  • Kennels in NMX: Permitted when conducted entirely within a building, whereas, outdoor kennels and dog runs require approval through a Minor Conditional Use Permit. Furthermore, such activities are only allowed within mixed-use corridors as identified in the General Plan or on properties that front an urban arterial or collector road.
  • Instructional Services in IG: Permitted with a Major Conditional Use Permit, this classification encompasses businesses that typically involve health clubs, music instruction, martial arts, or similar services, with the provision that no overnight lodging is offered.
  • Landscape Care and Maintenance: Added language for the appropriate long-term care and maintenance of all landscaping provided for commercial, multifamily, industrial, and institutional developments. Also set provisions for the removal and replacement of unhealthy trees and or hazardous conditions and provide adequate clearance and visibility of merchant signage, when the aesthetics of the tree and shading requirements will not be reduced.
  • Signs: Added language that signage shall not be placed or project over the County Right of Way. Also added language that the county reserves the right to remove any weathered or damaged Special Event and/or Temporary Signs.
  • Rural Lot Design Guidelines for Maps within the SRA: Incorporated language specifying that tentative maps within the CAL FIRE SRA (State Responsibility Area) are subject to additional Submittal Requirements outlined in the Fire Risk Chapter of the General Plan Health and Safety Element (adopted September 2021).
  • Discretionary and Ministerial Decisions: Inserted language into the Definitions chapter to refine the definitions of a discretionary project and a ministerial project and how they both relate to CEQA. 

Click here for the 2023 Development Code.