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FEMA Publications
   - FEMA 347 - Above the Flood: Elevating your Floodprone House   PDF
   - FEMA F-084 - Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program   PDF
   - FEMA 312 -  Design Manual for Retrofitting Flood-prone Residential Structures   PDF
   - FEMA 54 - Elevated Residential Structures   PDF
   - FEMA P-85 - Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards   PDF
   - FEMA 102 - Floodproofing Nonresidential Structures   Link
   - FEMA P-348 - Protecting Building Utilities from Flood Damage   PDF
   - FEMA 268 - Protecting Floodplain Resources   PDF
   - FEMA 511 - Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding   PDF
   - FEMA 234 - Repairing Your Flooded Home   PDF
   - FEMA 100 - A Unified National Program for Floodplain Management   PDF
   - FEMA 15 - Design Guidelines for Flood Damage Reduction   Link
   - FEMA 116 - Reducing Losses in High Risk Flood Areas – A Guidebook for Local Officials   PDF
   - Other useful FEMA Floodplain Management Publications  Link

FEMA Links
FEMA / Department of Homeland Security:  Link
Technical Bulletins:  Link
BW-12 Insurance Reform:  PDF
Flood Insurance Study:  PDF
National Flood Insurance Program:  Link

Community Rating System (CRS)  Link
The Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary program for NFIP-participating communities. These pages are from the most recent Flood Insurance Agent's Manual containing current and historical listings of all CRS communities, their class, and insurance discount.

FIRMette  Link
A FIRMette is a full-scale section of a FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that you create yourself online and are formatted to fit on printers commonly found in offices. There is no cost for making a FIRMette. FIRMette's can be used in all aspects of the NFIP including floodplain  management, flood insurance, and enforcement of mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements.  Tutorial

You can make a FIRMette of any map in FEMA’s inventory online using the FIRMette – Web tool. For those who prefer to work offline, FEMA also provides a FIRMette – Desktop tool that makes  FIRMette's from FIRM Scan data you have copied to your computer.