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Grading Permits

Public Works
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Grading Permits

No person shall do or permit to be done any grading in such a manner that quantities of dirt, soil, rock, debris or other material substantially in excess of natural levels are washed, eroded or otherwise moved from the site, except as  specifically provided for by a permit.  In no event shall grading activities cause or contribute to the violation of provisions of any applicable NPDES  stormwater discharge permit.

Click here for the online Grading Permit Application

Please submit completed Grading Permit Application and Plans here: Yuba County Self Service

No person shall do or permit to be done any grading which may obstruct, impede  or interfere with the natural flow of stormwaters, in such manner as to cause flooding where it would not otherwise occur, aggravate any existing flooding condition or cause accelerated erosion. 

  • Grading Permit Required?  PDF
  • Application Requirements and fees:  PDF
  • Non-Engineered Grading Plan Requirements: PDF
  • Engineered Grading Plan Requirements:  PDF
  • Grading Permit General Provisions:  PDF
  • Grading Permit Application:  PDF

Grading, Drainage, and Erosion Control Ordinance - Division 3 - Chapter 11.23 of the Yuba County Development Code