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Standard Plans & Specifications

Public Works
Sam Bunton, Director
915 8th Street, Suite 125, Marysville, CA 95901

Phone: (530)749-5420      Fax: (530)749-5424
email: [email protected]
Standard Plans & Specifications

Standard Specifications                            PDF
Complete set of Standard Plans               PDF

Standard Plans Individually

 001  General Notes  PDF
 002  General  Notes Continued  PDF 
 002  General  Notes Continued  PDF
 101  Residential (Local) Road  PDF
 102  Collector Road  PDF
 103  Arterial (Major) Road  PDF
 104  Industrial/Commercial  PDF
 105  Residential Intersections  PDF
 106  Cul-de-sac  PDF
 107  Offset cul-de-sac PDF
 108  Residential Knuckle  PDF

 121  Local Road  PDF 
 122  Minor Collector Road  PDF
 123  Major Collector Road  PDF
 124  Arterial Road  PDF
 125  Roadway Connections  PDF
 126  Cul-de-sac  PDF
 127  Rural Driveway  PDF
 128  Driveway Apron  PDF
 129  Improvements to  Existing Rural Roads  PDF
 130  Urban In-Fill Development Private Access Road  PDF

Hardscape/Landscape Details
 200  Standard Driveway  PDF
 201  Curb & Gutter Details  PDF
 202  Standard Curb, Gutter  and Sidewalk  PDF
 203  Wheel Chair Ramp PDF
 204  Water seepage barrier  PDF
 205  Street Tree Planting  Specifications  PDF
 206  Median Detail  PDF
 207  Asphalt Concrete Dike  PDF
 208  Concrete Joint & Finish  Details  PDF

 300  Trench  Details  PDF
300A  Trench  Details - In new pavement PDF
 301  Utility  Trench Cut-Off Walls  PDF

 401  Inlet Transitions  PDF 
 402  Drain Inlet  PDF
 403  Standard Concentric  Manhole Assembly  PDF
 404  Standard Eccentric  Manhole Assembly  PDF
 405  Large Manhole Assembly  PDF
 406  Shallow Manhole  Assembly  PDF
 407  Frame and Cover  PDF
 408  Field Inlet  PDF
 409  Rock Inlet/Outlet  Protection  PDF
 410  Rock Lined Ditch  PDF
 411  Storm Drain Inlet Marking  PDF

500  Standard Monument Well  PDF
501  Street  End Timber Barricade  PDF
502  Sidewalk Barricade  PDF
503  Street  Signs  PDF