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2022 Filing Archive

CEQA 2022 Filing Archive
The following filings are available in the Yuba County Clerk/Recorders Office for viewing during normal business hours.

  • POSTING ONLY NOP of A Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report and Notice of Scoping Meetings for Extension of the Lower Yuba River Accord Water Transfer Program
  • POSTING ONLY Official Notice of Conformance for Timber Harvesting Plans
  • POSTING ONLY Notice of Availability City of Wheatland - Wheatland Regional Sewer Pipeline Project
  • 2022FG-00043 Noxious Weed Grant Program
  • 2022FG-00042 Disposal and Sale of Halvey Way real property
  • POSTING ONLY Notice of Availability Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority
  • POSTING ONLY Yuba County Water Agency Notice of Availability
  • 2022FG-00041 Reclamation District No. 10 2022-2023 Routine Maintenance of District Levees & Dithces
  • 2022FG-00040 Reclamation District No. 2103 2022-2023 Routine Maintenance of District Levees & Ditches
  • 2022FG-00039 Reclamation District Mo. 817 2022-2023 Routine Maintenance of District Levees & Ditches
  • POSTING ONLY Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs), Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs) and Substantial Deviation to THPs and NTMPs
  • 2022FG-00038 Reclamation District No. 784 2022-2023 Routine Maintenance of District Levees
  • 2022FG-00037 TPM 2022-0008 (RIVER OAKS)
  • POSTING ONLY Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Waldo Road Over Dry Creek Bridge Replacement Project
  • POSTING ONLY Pulse flows Component of the Water Storage Investment Program Groundwater Projects
  • 2022FG-00036 TSTM 2022-0001 (Feather Glen South)
  • 2022FG-00035 Yuba Roadside Fuel Treatment Project
  • 2022FG-00034 Agreement for Water Use
  • 2022FG-00033 EA 2022-0007 (Lindhurst Ave Storm Drain Project)
  • 2022FG-00032  EA 2022-0006 (Goldfields Parkway/Interceptor Canal)
  • 2022FG-00031  Jack Slough Flow Gauge
  • 2022FG-00030  Rio Del Oro Elementary Interim Housing & Modular Construction
  • 2022FG-00029  Cobblestone Elementary Interim Housing & Modular Construction
  • 2022FG-00028  TPM 2021-0014 (ARO Developments)
  • 2022FG-00027  Yuba County North Beale Road High Friction Surface Treatment
  • 2022FG-00026  Ellis Lake and Hard Rock Ball Park Improvements
  • 2022FG-00025   EA 2022-0004 (2022 Striping Projects)
  • 2022FG-00024   Water Line Replacement
  • 2022FG-00023   Water Meter Retrofit
  • 2022FG-00022   500-year Flood Protection Project
  • 2022FG-00021   EA 2018-0007 (Addendum McGowan Parkway Widening Project)
  • 2022FG-00020   SR 20/Kibbe Road Intersection Improvement Project
  • 2022FG-00019   2022 Yuba Water Agency (YWA) Summer Transfer to EBMUD
  • 2022FG-00018   2022 Yuba Water Agency (YWA) Spring Transfer to EBMUD
  • 2022FG-00017   EA 2022-0003 (Plumas Lake Bike Path III)
  • 2022FG-00016   RD 2103 - Wheatland (Dry Creek) Erosion Repair Project
  • 2022FG-00015   EA 2022-0001 (Yuba County 2022-CSA Resurfacing)
  • 2022FG-00014   EA 2022-0002 (Yuba County 2022 Overlay Project)
  • 2022FG-00013   Minor Change to YCWA Water Rights to Add Narrows 1 Powerhouse
  • 2022FG-00012   Camp Far West Hydroelectric Relicensing Project
  • 2022FG-00011   Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) One-Year Transfer to Contra Costa Water District (CCWD)
  • 2022FG-00010   Bullards Bar Marina - Anchor System Safety Upgrades
  • 2022FG-00009   Olivehurst Community Park Splash Pad Project
  • 2022FG-00008   Ordinance Amendment OA2021-0001
  • 2022FG-00007   Gibbs Pond and 40 Mile Road Pipe Repair Project
  • 2022FG-00006   Western Pacific Interceptor Canal Flow Monitoring Stations
  • 2022FG-00005   Tentative Subdivision Tract Map TSTM2021-0008 (Alberta Ranch)
  • 2022FG-00004   Narrows 2 Generator Back-up GSU Transformer Concrete Pad Project
  • 2022FG-00003   Sicard Flat Pipeline Upgrade Project
  • 2022FG-00002   Fish Food Pilot Project
  • 2022FG-00001   West Linda Drainage Basin Project

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