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2024 Filing Archive

CEQA 2024 Filing Archive
The following filings are available in the Yuba County Clerk/Recorders Office for viewing during normal business hours.

  • 04-12-2024 2024FG-00019 Campbell Gulch Diversion Reconstruction Project
  • 04-11-2024 2024FG-00018 Yuba Foothills Home Resilience Program - Defensible Space
  • 04-11-2024 POSTING ONLY Notice of Availability of a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for Extension of the Yuba Accord Long-Term Water Transfer Program
  • 04-05-2024 2024FG-00017 TPM-23-0014 (North Beale Commons)
  • 04-01-2024 POSTING ONLY Official Notice of Conformance for Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs), Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs), and Substantial Deviation to THPs and NTMPs.
  • 03-29-2024 POSTING ONLY Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report & Scoping Meeting of the Heritage Oaks Estates East Project
  • 03-26-2024 POSTING ONLY Yuba Community College District Resolution 24-17 Resolution Declaring Intention to Dedicate Easements to the County of Yuba
  • 2024FG-00016 Camp Project
  • 02-27-2024 POSTING ONLY Draft Environmental Document Migratory Game Bird Hunting (Waterfowl, Coots, Moorhens) Section 502, Title 14 California Code of Regulations
  • POSTING ONLY Notice of Availability California Department of Water Resources Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
  • 2024FG-00015 B Street Project
  • 2024FG-00014 Unit 5 Levee Mile 3.23 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00013 Unit 6 Levee Mile 0.06 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00012 Unit 5 Levee Mile 3.06 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00011 Unit 5 Levee Mile 0.84 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00010 Unit 5 Levee Mile 0.12 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00009 Unit 3b Levee mile 3.52 Pipe Replacement
  • 2024FG-00008 Hallwood Irrigation Company Seepage Loss Prevention Project
  • 2024FG-00007 CEQA-24-0003 Yuba County Airport Off-Site Monument Sign (CEQA-24-0003)
  • POSTING ONLY Notice of Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration Feather River Air Quality P28007 Lakeside Colonial Chapel
  • 2024FG-00006 CEQA-24-0002 (River Highlands Gold Village Groundwater Improvement Project)
  • 2024FG-00005 Marysville Levee District 2023 - 2024 FMAP
  • POSTING ONLY California Regional Water Quality Control Board Notice of Public Hearing Tentative Rescission of Waste Discharge Requirements Order R5-2019-0027 NPDES Permit No CA0084824
  • 2024FG-00004 Lake Francis Dam Geotechnical Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems Project
  • 2024FG-00003 CEQA-23-0011 (Yuba Co. Star Bend Boat Ramp)
  • 2024FG-00002 CEQA-22-0002 (Friendship Park Beautification Project)
  • 2024FG-00001 CEQA-24-0001 (Pendola Road Extension)

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