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CEQA Filings

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Filings

30 Day Posting Period Documents
04-19-2024 2024FG-00021 28007 Lakeside Colonial Chapel
04-16-2024 2024FG-00020 CEQA-24-0005 (2024 CSA 52 Resurfacing Project)
04-12-2024 2024FG-00019 Campbell Gulch Diversion Reconstruction Project
04-11-2024 2024FG-00018 Yuba Foothills Home Resilience Program - Defensible Space
04-11-2024 POSTING ONLY Notice of Availability of a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for Extension of the Yuba Accord Long-Term Water Transfer Program
04-05-2024 2024FG-00017 TPM-23-0014 (North Beale Commons)
04-01-2024 POSTING ONLY Official Notice of Conformance for Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs), Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs), and Substantial Deviation to THPs and NTMPs.
03-29-2024 POSTING ONLY Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report & Scoping Meeting of the Heritage Oaks Estates East Project
03-26-2024 POSTING ONLY Yuba Community College District Resolution 24-17 Resolution Declaring Intention to Dedicate Easements to the County of Yuba
03-19-2024 2024FG-00016 Camp Project

30 Day Posting Period

The following documents are viewable at the Yuba County Clerk Recorder's Office, 915 8th Street, Suite 107, Marysville during business hours.
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