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CEQA Filings

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Filings

30 Day Posting Period Documents
POSTING ONLY Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs), Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs) and Substantial Deviation to THPs and NTMPs
2022FG-00038 Reclamation District No. 784 2022-2023 Routine Maintenance of District Levees 
2022FG-00037 TPM 2022-0008 (RIVER OAKS)

30 Day Posting Period Completed
The following documents may viewed at the Yuba County Clerk Recorder's Office, 915 8th Street, Suite 107, Marysville during business hours.

POSTING ONLY Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Waldo Road Over Dry Creek Bridge Replacement Project

POSTING ONLY Pulse flows Component of the Water Storage Investment Program Groundwater Projects
2022FG-00036 TSTM 2022-0001 (Feather Glen South)

2022FG-00035 Yuba Roadside Fuel Treatment Project
2022FG-00034  Agreement for Water Use
2022FG-00033  EA 2022-0007 (Lindhurst Ave Storm Drain Project)
2022FG-00032  EA 2022-0006 (Goldfields Parkway/Interceptor Canal)
2022FG-00031  Jack Slough Flow Gauge
2022FG-00030  Rio Del Oro Elementary Interim Housing & Modular Construction

2022FG-00029  Cobblestone Elementary Interim Housing & Modular Construction
2022FG-00028  TPM 2021-0014 (ARO Developments)
2022FG-00027  Yuba County North Beale Road High Friction Surface Treatment
2022FG-00026  Ellis Lake and Hard Rock Ball Park Improvements
2022FG-00025   EA 2022-0004 (2022 Striping Projects)
2022FG-00024   Water Line Replacement
2022FG-00023   Water Meter Retrofit

2022FG-00022   500-year Flood Protection Project
2022FG-00021   EA 2018-0007 (Addendum McGowan Parkway Widening Project)
2022FG-00020   SR 20/Kibbe Road Intersection Improvement Project

2022FG-00019   2022 Yuba Yuba Water Agency (YWA) Summer Transfer to EBMUD
2022FG-00018   2022 Yuba Water Agency (YWA) Spring Transfer to EBMUD
2022FG-00017   EA 2022-0003 (Plumas Lake Bike Path III)

2022FG-00016   RD 2103 - Wheatland (Dry Creek) Erosion Repair Project
2022FG-00015   EA 2022-0001 (Yuba County 2022-CSA Resurfacing)
2022FG-00014   EA 2022-0002 (Yuba County 2022 Overlay Project)

2022FG-00013   Minor Change to YCWA Water Rights to Add Narrows 1 Powerhouse
2022FG-00012   Camp Far West Hydroelectric Relicensing Project
2022FG-00011   Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) One-Year Transfer to Contra Costa Water District (CCWD)
2022FG-00010   Bullards Bar Marina - Anchor System Safety Upgrades
2022FG-00009   Olivehurst Community Park Splash Pad Project
2022FG-00008   Ordinance Amendment OA2021-0001
2022FG-00007   Gibbs Pond and 40 Mile Road Pipe Repair Project
2022FG-00006   Western Pacific Interceptor Canal Flow Monitoring Stations
2022FG-00005   Tentative Subdivision Tract Map TSTM2021-0008 (Alberta Ranch)
2022FG-00004   Narrows 2 Generator Back-up GSU Transformer Concrete Pad Project
2022FG-00003   Sicard Flat Pipeline Upgrade Project
2022FG-00002   Fish Food Pilot Project
2022FG-00001   West Linda Drainage Basin Project