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Campaign Finance


State law requires local candidates for elective office, elected officeholders, and committees supporting or opposing local candidates or ballot measures to file campaign disclosure statements.  These statements are filed on a regular cycle, with additional statements required during election years.  These statements provide the public with details on who contributes money to a committee, and how that money is spent.

Enter the Public Research Access Portal Here
Use this portal to research campaign contributions and expenditures filed by candidates and committees.  

Enter the Filer Access Portal Here
Candidates and committees (including ballot measure and independent expenditure committees) within the jurisdiction of Yuba County are required to file disclosure statements electronically with the Election Division.  Candidates and committees with questions regarding electronic filing should contact Yuba County Elections at (530) 749-7855.

Campaign Contribution Limits
Because Yuba County has not enacted a local campaign contribution limit ordinance, pursuant to Assembly Bill 571, state limits will apply to all candidates running for city or county offices in Yuba County. These contribution limits do not apply to judicial, special district or school district candidates.   

The default limit for contributions to city and county candidates subject to AB 571 for 2023-2024 is set at $5,500 per election. Additional information can be found on the FPPC website here

Contribution Limits Fact Sheet