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Yuba River Discoloration

Yuba River Middle Fork
Water Discoloration Information Page

This page is your source for updates regarding potential health concerns along the Middle Fork of the Yuba River. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

Current Advisory

No-Swim Advisory lifted. No sign of water discoloration on Sunday
9/22/2019 -- 5:05 p.m.

Update on the Yuba River Middle Fork, and it's all good news.... THE NO-SWIM ADVISORY IS NOW LIFTED!

How good is the news? These photos were captured today. Quite a contrast photos from yesterday that we posted this morning.

The Yuba County Environmental Health Team just returned from their survey of the Middle Fork that began down toward Missouri Bar and then continued back up to the Colgate Power Plant. The yellowish sediment that appeared in the water was nowhere to be found today.

The team checked on possible sources of the original murkiness. They spoke to someone who indicated there may have been a small mining operation that caused sediment to be stirred up, creating the discoloration of that stretch of the Yuba River Middle Fork. It looked very much like what was happening on the Yuba River South Fork in Nevada County this past week, but the duration was very, very short.

The "All Clear" has been sounded for the Middle Fork. (A No-Swim Advisory remains in effect for the Yuba River South Fork in Nevada County, from the Town of Washington to, and including, Englebright Lake).

Sunday, September 22 photos


Saturday evening, September 21 photos
Tailrace Downstream_resized