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After an Emergency

After a Disaster

Following an emergency, the County Office of Emergency Services will partner with other emergency service agencies and providers to set up Local Assistance Centers, as needed and appropriate.

In that case, locations of the assistance centers will be announced and posted to this website. The centers are designed to provide a one-stop location for information and resources to help disaster victims.

The assistance centers may include all or some of the following organizations, among others:

  • Cal OES
  • American Red CrossLAC1
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way
  • County Health and Human Services
  • County Community Development and Service Agency
  • FEMA
  • CA Contractors State License Board
  • Small Business Administration
  • County Housing Association
  • Community service groups
Returning Home
Return home only after emergency officials indicate it is safe to do so. When returning home:

  • Stay out of flooded areas for health and safety reasons. Water may be contaminated and could cause illness.
  • Do not bypass barricades on roads. They are there to ensure your safety.FireResponse
  • Enter your home only if it is safe. Be careful of hidden damage, especially in flooring and utilities located below the line left by floodwater.
As soon as reasonably possible, report damages to local officials. This will help local officials in securing disaster relief funding that will help you and others with the recovery process. The reporting form and contact information will be available on this website, or by contacting Yuba County Emergency Services for assistance.

After assessing your damages, you may need to hire a contractor to make repairs. Trust your home repairs only to a certified, licensed contractor. Disaster victims are especially vulnerable to scams. To ensure your contractor is licensed, contact the California State Licensing Board Hotline for Disaster Victims at 1-800-962-1125, or visit for more information.

Reporting Damage
In the event of an emergency, please report damages to the Office of Emergency Services as soon as reasonably possible. This will help local officials in securing disaster relief funding that will help youand others with the recovery process.

Online reporting is strongly encouraged. Return to this page to enter damage reports electronically, or contact the Office of Emergency Services for assistance if you do not have computer access. If you have flood insurance, be sure to contact your insurance company to arrange for a visit from an insurance adjustor. Most insurance companies will assign extra staff to ensure damages can be assessed quickly.
Also, do the following to help with the cleanup process:

  • Separate damaged items from undamaged items. If necessary, place damaged items outside the home.
  • Wear protective clothing when sorting items to reduce exposure to any contamination.
  • Take photos of any water in the house and damaged personal property. Your adjustor and/or emergency relief providers will need evidence of the damage and damaged items (i.e.: cut small pieces from carpeting, curtains, chairs) to prepare your repair estimate.
  • Make a list of damaged or lost items and include their age and value where possible. If possible, have receipts for those items available for the adjustor and/or emergency relief providers.
  • If you have damage estimates prepared by a contractor(s), provide them to the adjustor and/or emergency relief provider.