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Get Emergency Alerts

Get Emergency Notifications

In Yuba County, the very best way to get dedicated emergency notifications is through the CodeRED system.

When activated, the CodeRED system has the ability to send a pre-recorded message to thousands of telephone customers every minute. If you receive such a call, listen carefully to the instructions. Information may include the nature of the emergency, the need to evacuate or shelter in place, shelter locations and how to receive further information. The recorded message will be repeated, allowing you to write down any necessary information.

To register your cell phone or email address, please click the CodeRED link below:


If you get an emergency alert:

It is vital that you immediately follow instructions, which may include orders to evacuate immediately. Evacuation instructions will be broadcast by local authorities via radio, television,  telephone, email, or text message.  These may include messages from the official CodeRED service.

  • Remain calm
  • Follow instructions from local authorities
  • Use travel routes specified by local authorities
  • Lock your home
  • Shut all doors and windows
  • Take your emergency kit
  • Take a portable radio

If you know you have time:

  • Shut off gas or propane
  • Do not shut off water and electricity
  • Post a note of when you left and where you are going
  • Make arrangements for your animals and pets

Yuba County OES and Yuba County Sheriff's Office also use Zonehaven for evacuations-- alerting affected residents and providing a visual for evacuations and road closures. 
  • Click the link below (or go to
  • Input your address
  • Write down/memorize your zone!
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