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Become an IHSS Provider



How to become an IHSS Provider:

State law requires that all IHSS independent providers do all the enrollment steps and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program. To enroll as an IHSS Provider, please complete ALL steps listed below:


Start the On-Line Enrollment Process by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Read ALL of the steps before beginning the online enrollment process

Step 2: Create an online enrollment account by selecting “start enrollment” link   located below.

  • When creating your account make sure to write down your username, password and security questions as you are able to save your progress and complete at a later time.

Step 3: Watch the mandatory videos

Step 4: Review the documents on the enrollment site (forms that you are not able to sign using e-signature will be provided to you at your in-person appointment)

Step 5: Schedule an in-person appointment online (appointments are held every Tuesday).


After completing online enrollment process:

  1. Complete the DOJ Fingerprint Background Check
    • Print the Live Scan form that is available in the enrollment system. If you are unable to print the form, contact the IHSS Public Authority by email or phone to request one.
    • Take the completed Live Scan form to fingerprinting location. The fee for fingerprinting ranges from $50.00 to $70.00 and is paid by you.
  • Fingerprint Locations available in Yuba County:

Yuba County Sheriff’s Department

720 Yuba Street

Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-7778

 1st & 3rd Thursdays



API Academy

5548 Feather River Blvd.

Marysville, CA 95901

(530) 749-0283

Monday – Friday

8am – 4:30pm


  • Make sure you keep a copy of the Live Scan form for your own records. Occasionally, it is necessary for the IHSS Public Authority to contact DOJ when a record is not received and the information on your copy will be required.
  1. Attend in-person enrollment appointment and bring the following items with you. Please note that copies of ID or social security cards are no longer accepted:
    • Current valid driver’s license or another US government issued photo ID
    • Social Security Card


The following is required to receive your first timesheets:

  • The IHSS recipient you plan to care for MUST be approved for IHSS services.
  • Make sure the IHSS recipient you will be taking care of has completed their paperwork (SOC426A and IHSS Agreement) and returned it back to the IHSS Public Authority. These forms are required to tell us you will be their provider and understand their authorized IHSS services.


Note: Providers must enroll in the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) to submit timesheets. Paper timesheets will no longer be accepted.

  • Providers will have the option of using the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) or Telephone Timesheet System (TTS) to submit timesheets.
  • Please visit the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Recipients and Providers to access helpful guides to enroll in ESP or TTS.
  • If you need additional help registering for ESP or TTS, please contact us at 530-749-6471.


After you have read ALL steps listed above, click on the “Start Enrollment” link to continue with your enrollment.

Start Enrollment

Helpful Links:

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Recipients and Providers

IHSS Provider Orientation

Time Entry for Providers - ESP

Time Entry for Providers - TTS

Electronic Service Portal for Recipients and Providers


SEIU Local 2015 Membership Information:

As part of being an IHSS provider, you are automatically represented by SEIU Local 2015 for wages, benefits and certain terms of employment. You are also eligible to join the SEIU Local 2015 as a union member. For information regarding SEIU 2015 membership visit or you can call the Member Action Center at 855-810-2015.




If You Have Additional Questions, Please Review the Questions and Answers below:

Do you have questions relating to becoming an IHSS Independent Provider in Yuba County? Look through the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your question has already been answered.

If your question hasn’t been answered or you have suggestions or comments, feel free to contact the IHSS Public Authority by emailing [email protected].


Question: I cannot find my Social Security Card.
Answer: Visit the Social Security Office and apply for your replacement card. They will provide you with a replacement card within 7 to 14 days. DO NOT schedule an appointment until you have your original Social Security Card.

Question: I already had a background check done for another job – do I need to do it again?
Answer: Yes. Everyone applying to be an IHSS Independent Provider must have a background check done using the forms we provide.

Question: I am starting to work for a second IHSS consumer; do I need to do the enrollment a second time?
Answer: No. An IHSS caregiver or provider only needs to enroll one time to be allowed to be paid by the IHSS program. It does not matter how many IHSS consumers you work for. If you are a new IHSS Independent Provider in Yuba County you will need to complete some of the orientation process.

Question: It has been over a year since I was paid as an IHSS Independent Provider. Do I need to do the enrollment a second time?
Answer: Please contact the IHSS Public Authority at (530) 749-6471, to verify whether you need to complete the enrollment process again.

Contact Information

Jessica Garcia
5730 Packard Ave., Suite 100
Marysville, CA  95901
(530) 749-6311