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Health Insurance

Insurance Basics

The County pays a flat rate toward the plan premium for health insurance. In 2023, the contributions will be: up to $960 for Employee Only; up to $1,512 for 2-Party; and up to $1,959 for Family Coverage. Insurance benefits are offered on an all-or-nothing basis and employees may elect to participate or not participate, but may not elect to participate in one and not another insurance program.

Medical Insurance

Yuba County offers a variety of medical plans through CalPERS. All employees are eligible for PERS Platinum and PERS GOLD coverage, which are administered by Blue Cross. PORAC coverage is only available to members of PORAC. Blue Shield, Kaiser, Western Health Advantage, United Health Care, Health Net SmartCare, and Anthem Select and Traditional HMO coverage is determined through zip code eligibility. To check your zip code eligibility please visit CalPERS.  

Please open PDF's in Adobe Reader.

For further information on the exact specifics of what is covered in a plan and at what amounts please refer to the Evidence of Coverage for your plan.