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Training & Development

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Grow With Us

Why Grow With Us?
Yuba County is committed to offering resources to ensure that County employees are well equipped to provide excellent service to County residents and to all who do business with the County. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to enhance your professional skills to help you grow in your career. Additionally, Yuba County supports personal growth by promoting a learning culture that focuses on developing the “whole employee." Below you will find some of the different trainings offered.

Supervisory Development Course:
This unique program created to help supervisors, managers, and other lead staff strengthen their skills in an interactive classroom setting. Topics include modules on Communication, Performance Management, Leading Change, Managing Leaves, Interviewing Practices and much more.

Yuba County Employee Academy:
Yuba County offers an Employee Development Course to help employees strengthen their skills in an interactive classroom setting. Sessions will include modules on Customer Service, Communications, Team Building and much more.

Yuba County Executive Leadership Development:
This program is designed to help Department Heads, Managers, and future leaders strengthen their skills in an interactive classroom setting. This Academy will provide valuable tools to help expand the capacity to perform in leadership roles, and provide strategic and operational leadership within Yuba County. Some topics include: Leadership Style Assessment, Creating a High Performing Team, Managing Conflict and more.

In-house training to help employees learn, refresh or advance their skills in Microsoft Excel and Access is provided at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Employees are often given the opportunity to participate in job specific training in accordance with the Department’s budget and needs and changing laws and regulations. Some examples of these opportunities include, but are not limited to: Harassment prevention and ethics training, seminars, conferences, webinars and classes.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):
Yuba County cares about their employee’s well-being. Trainings in partnership with the EAP are available to all employees and offered throughout the year.

New Employee Orientation:
Yuba County wants to start off on the right foot! As part of the onboarding process, new employees attend a New Hire Orientation to help them become educated on all the County’s offerings to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.
Opportunities For Growth:
  • Transfers: Employees have the ability to submit a transfer request to comparable, open positions laterally throughout the County.
  • Interdepartmental Transfers: There are opportunities for employees to accept re-assignment to different divisions within larger departments.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Based on department needs, some positions can be filled with Department Promotional or County-wide Promotional recruitments and temporary promotional assignments.
 Employee Recognition:
  • Employee Service Awards: Every year, Yuba County recognizes employees who have attained at least 10 years of service with the County with an invitation to be honored at a Board of Supervisors meeting.
  • Employee Recognition Award Program: This purpose of this program is to motivate, recognize and reward exemplary performance in Outstanding Leadership, Public Service Excellence, Workforce Excellence, Exceptional Teamwork and Sustained Effort.
  • Chairman of the Board “Star” Award: This special award provides the opportunity to place the spotlight on employees that made an outstanding contribution to the County, by giving their time, leadership, creativity, cooperation and hard work to others outside the normal scope of work.

Upcoming Trainings