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Visiting/Mailing/Phone Calls



NOTICE: It is a felony to bring any contraband (tobacco, weapons, drugs, etc.) on the grounds of this institution. Persons who are in any degree intoxicated or under the influence are not permitted to visit. Violations of these rules may result in arrest.

Who is eligible to visit?
Only parents, guardians, children of the youth or others approved  by a Deputy Probation Officer and Deputy Superintendent may visit. All visitors must have picture identification. If the youth has a special visit due to achieving "Super A" status, they may have up to five immediate family members (mother, father, brothers, sisters) visit. The deputy probation officer and Deputy Superintendent must approve of anyone other than parents, guardians or children of the youth, prior to the visit.

How many people may visit?
For regular visits, only two persons at a time may visit unless prior approval has been granted. "Super A" and Pre-placement visits may have up to five family members present with prior approval.

May visitors bring items to appointments?
No. However, if the youth has a "Super A" visit or a pre-placement, you may bring store bought food or fast food from a restaurant. Homemade food is not allowed. No aluminum cans or glass bottles are permitted and a staff member will inspect all items.

Visiting Hours:
Visiting occurs six days a week, unless facility operations prohibit. Youth are allowed to have two hours of scheduled visits per week. The visiting week begins on Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled at the end of each visit or by telephoning (530)741-6371 extension 2 for Juvenile Hall or 3 for Camp Singer, no more than one week in advance.

Juvenile Hall visiting schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 530pm to 630pm
Saturday and Sunday for 1 hour at 130pm and 530pm

Camp Singer visiting schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6pm to 7pm
Saturday 6pm to 7pm (one time a month)
Sunday 2pm to 3pm

All incoming mail, not deemed confidential pursuant to the law, is subject to inspection for contraband.  You may write a youth in custody by addressing the envelope in their name and mailing to:  1023 14th Street • Marysville, CA  95901

Envelopes, writing paper and two stamps per week are provided to youth.  Families are allowed to mail stamps to the facility for additional mailings.

Phone Calls
Youth are allowed to make a booking phone call to their parent or legal guardian and an attorney when entering the Juvenile Hall or Camp Singer. 

All phone contact after initial intake is provided through  NCIC Inmate Communications.  Incoming phone calls for youth will not be accepted.

Youth in Juvenile Hall are allowed to make phone calls during open recreation and visiting.  Youth in Camp Singer are allowed to make phone calls Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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