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Public Guardian

Public Guardian
Kiran K. Phagura
Public Guardian/Conservator

215 5th Street, Suite 215
P.O. Box 225
Marysville, CA 95901
Call: (530) 749-6306

Yuba County Vision
To create a golden future for Yuba County by inspiring a community of participation, embracing our unique history and discovering the wealth of our untapped potential.

Statement of Commitment:
The Public Guardian Department commits to the trust, safety and well being of our client population by providing the highest level of service, ensuring individual need, sustaining functional resources and preserving quality of life for the citizens of Yuba County.

Department Description:
Under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court, the Yuba County Public Guardian/Conservator provides conservatorship services for the elderly and individuals with disabilities within the community. Services provided include, but are not limited to, case management, placement, estate administration, court appearance and reporting responsibilities, management of mental and physical health services and safeguarding real and personal property.

Conservatorship appointments include:

  • Conservator of the Person: Arranging and managing the care and protection of the individual
  • Conservator of the Estate: Managing the client's finances, taking control of assets, applying for eligible income and benefits, paying bills, investing money and protecting assets

Types of conservatorships:

The conservator is given legal responsibility by the Superior Court for the living arrangements, property, finances and medical treatment of the conservatee. A conservatorship is necessary if the proposed conservatee is gravely disabled, subject to undue influence and fraud, or unable to manage their own affairs, resulting in their inability to provide for their own food, clothing and shelter.

Conservatorships are of the two most prevalent types:

1. Probate: A Conservator can be appointed by the Superior Court if an individual is substantially unable to provide for personal needs to health, food, clothing or shelter and/or unable to manage financial resources or resist fraud (a legal determination). (Probate Code 1801)

2. LPS: A Conservatorship can be established under the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS) by the determination of a psychiatrist or psychologist if an individual is gravely disabled and unable to provide for food, shelter and clothing due to mental illness or chronic alcoholism (a medical determination). (Welf & Inst Code Sec. 5350)

The department functions primarily by referral. Referrals are received from other agencies such as the Yuba County’s Adult Protective Services and Sutter-Yuba Mental Health. In addition, referrals are submitted by medical professionals within the community.