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Child Support Services

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Child Support Services

The Jail staff will make every effort to assist the inmates with the welfare of their families. Under current California law, a child support order continues while inmates are in custody. An inmate with a child support order being enforced by any California County may be eligible to have his/her child support order suspended during the time he/she is in custody. There are three requirements to begin the process of child support review:

1. They must have a child support order in California.
2. They must be incarcerated for at least three (3) months or more.
3. They must request in writing that your case be reviewed.

If they meet the above criteria, upon request, the Jail’s Administrative Sergeant will provide for more information on who to contact and procedures for filing paperwork. The Yuba County Department of Child Support Services will assist you with your California child support case by acting as a liaison between you and the county managing your child support case.