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Frequently Asked Questions: 290 Registration Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are registrations being held in person or over the phone?

  • Registrations are currently being conducted in person at the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

When do I have to register?

  • For any individuals living transient in the County of Yuba, you must register every 30 days, no exceptions.
  • Any individuals residing within a residence have up to 5 business days before and 5 business days after their birthday to register.
  • When changing your address (including re-locating out of Yuba County) you have 5 days prior and 5 days after to register the new address.
  • When released from incarceration after spending 30 days or more incarcerated, individuals have 5 days to register.
  • When re-locating out of state registrants have 3 days from the time they register out to register with the agency having jurisdiction over the new address. Please refer to the compliance requirements for any other state as they may vary from California’s laws and regulations.

Can a person apply for removal from California’s sex offender registry?

  • The Sex Offender Registration Act provides information stating that any individual who is convicted of certain sexual offenses in the state of California must register. However, Senate Bill 384 is a new law that allows some sex offenders to petition the court and ask that they no longer have to report to the California Sex Offender Registry.  For more information regarding SB384 law, please contact the Department of Justice.

Why was I given this specific Tier?

  • Offenders are placed into tiers based on the specific sex offense that they committed. All tiers have been designated by the Department of Justice.

Where can I find more Information regarding the SB384 Petition law?

  • The most accurate information can be found on the Department of Justice website located below.

What is Meagan’s Law?

  • California Megans Law is a website that provides information to the public regarding registered sex offenders. The information provided can be used by the public to protect themselves from specified registered sex offenders.

How do I get removed from Meagan’s Law?

Can a sex offender live near a school?

  • Yes, there is no law preventing registered sex offenders from living next to a school unless there are specific conditions have been imposed upon them by the courts and or their probation/parole terms.

Does a sex offender with children have access to school grounds?

  • All registered sex offenders are not allowed to be on school grounds unless they have a legal reason and have been provided written permission by the head of the school (IE: superintendent, principal, etc.)

Can a registered sex offender live in a residence where children are present?

  • Yes, there are no laws prohibiting registered sex offenders from having a family, including children, or married to a spouse with children from another relationship.

As a registered sex offender, can I travel?

  • There is nothing that prohibits a registered sex offender who is not on probation or parole from traveling within the United States. However, if staying in a specific place for 5 days or more, you must register with the agency having jurisdiction over the location. 
  • Any registered sex offender planning to travel internationally must fill out an International Travel Form and send via e-mail, certified mail, or in person no later than 21 days prior to travel. Also, please contact the country you are traveling to in order to verify that you will be allowed into the country.

What do I need to do if I am attending college courses?

  • You will need to contact the on campus law enforcement agency for the campus you are attending and register with them. If you are attending an online school you will need to fill out an (insert) Online Course Registration Form.