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Investigations Unit

The Investigations Unit is a specialized unit that functions within the Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office. This unit is comprised of a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, several Investigators and a Community Services Officer who are highly trained and experienced in advanced criminal investigations. These officers are responsible for investigating more serious crimes such as homicides, robberies, burglaries, gang related crimes, serious physical assaults and sexual assaults. Investigators are dedicated to efficient, timely and thorough criminal investigations that assist in the prosecution of the individuals responsible for committing the crime.

Investigators are adept at interviewing, report writing, crime scene investigation and meeting the challenge of solving crimes. The unit also provides assistance to patrol personnel in conducting follow-up investigation of open cases that require in-depth attention, specialized expertise, or follow up out of the immediate area.

The Investigations Unit recently acquired a crime scene response van that is outfitted with all the necessary equipment for advanced crime scene processing. The Investigations Unit is dedicated to making continued advancements in the area of crime scene investigation while expanding to include expertise in gang suppression and narcotics enforcement.

Investigators work closely with other law enforcement agencies to suppress crime in Yuba County and other surrounding communities. Investigators value community partnerships and recognize your help is instrumental to our success. The Sheriff’s Office always appreciates citizens calling with helpful crime solving information.