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STARS Volunteers

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STARS Volunteer Program

Our Program

The Sheriff’s Teams of Active Residents in Service, or STARS, is a citizen volunteer group associated with the Sheriff’s Department. The program consists of community members, age 18 and older, who volunteer time for the Department in a variety of ways. STARS members assist with neighborhood patrol, vacation house checks, community events, traffic control, vehicle maintenance, neighborhood watch programs, animal care services, clerical support, community outreach programs and much, much more.

The STARS Program has been in existence since 1997. Members have donated in excess of 200,000 hours. STARS have an abundance of energy. They donate their time so the Sheriff’s Department may better serve the community. The Department cannot express enough how much we appreciate their dedication.

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The Application Process

The Sheriff’s Department continuously accepts applications for the STARS Program. Applications are available at the Sheriff’s main office located at 720 Yuba Street in Marysville, or click here to download an application.

Interested applicants must complete a background investigation before acceptance into the program. New members are then required to attend initial training by the department. Further inquiries may be directed to the STARS Coordinator, Community Services Officer Rosa Leon, at (530) 749-5103.

S.T.A.R.S. Brochure Download the new STARS Brochure in PDF format.

 Services Provided by the STARS Program

With the assistance of the STARS volunteers, the following services are available to the citizens of Yuba County. All of these services are provided free of charge.

Bicycle Registration – Bicycle and owner information is collected and entered into a data base for the purpose of assisting with the recovery of stolen or missing bicycles. The registration is valid for two years.

At Risk Identification Program – This program is for those persons who may have a tendency to wander due to head injury, autism, dementia, or a similar condition. We collect information about the individual and maintain it in the event that person becomes lost. This personal information is beneficial in helping the Sheriff’s Department locate the person if missing, or in case we encounter someone who may be unable to tell us about themselves.

Neighborhood Watch Program – This program is designed to bring neighbors together so they can keep their neighborhood in a clean and safe condition. Informational meetings can be scheduled to provide basic information on how to begin a Neighborhood Watch Program where you live. While the Sheriff’s Department does not directly manage this program for individual neighborhoods, we provide guidance and instruction on how to initiate the program.

Vacation House Checks – When available, STARS volunteers will conduct house checks when residents are away on vacation. This service is not available for uninhabited properties. Donations to the STARS Program, which is a non-profit organization, are accepted.

Children’s Fingerprint Services – At various community events, or by appointment, STARS volunteers will provide children’s fingerprint services. A parent or eligible adult must be present. All information pertaining to the child is given to the parent. The Sheriff’s Department does not maintain this information.

Crime Prevention Presentations – A variety of crime prevention presentations are presented to groups upon request. Topics include personal safety, vehicle and residential safety tips, street gang awareness, and identity theft. Department staff, when available, can provide overview information regarding the Sheriff’s Department. Canine demonstrations are also available in limited situations.