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Emergency information

Welcome to the Yuba County OES
Emergency Information Page

Winter Storm Feb. 29 - March 3, 2024
--Rain and wind throughout Yuba County
--Snow in the upper foothills (2,000-3,000-foot elevation)
-- Possible power outages
--Downed trees
--AM frost on Sunday/Monday
--Near-zero visibility in higher elevations

Here's how to prepare yourselves:
--Fill propane tanks
--Make sure devices are charged
--Stock food/water to sustain yourselves for up to three days if necessary
--Avoid travel if possible (especially mountain travel)
--Know that the County plows main roads first, then secondary roads. We do not plow gravel roads.

When an emergency hits, officials alert the public with CodeRED. Evacuation zones are also updated at Zonehaven; be sure to write down/memorize your evacuation zone!
Sign up by clicking the links below:

Link to Code Red Emegency Alert Registration    Find your evacuation zone

During an emergency, Yuba County OES regularly posts updates to its social media pages:
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Make sure you recognize the sound of the Yuba County Sheriff's Office high-low siren.
If you ever hear this sound, please evacuate the area immediately.

Evacuation Information     Roads Closure Information     Shelter Information     Sandbagging Information

*If you get an emergency alert:
Evacuation instructions will be broadcast by local authorities via CodeRED alerts, Zonehaven, radio, TV, telephone, email, or text message.
•    Remain calm
•    Follow instructions from local authorities
•    Use travel routes specified by local authorities
•    Lock your home
•    Shut all doors and windows
•    Take your emergency go-bag

If you know you have time:
•    Shut off gas or propane
•    Do not shut off water and electricity
•    Make arrangements for your animals and pets