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Walnut Buying Period Starts Nov. 8

MARYSVILLE, CA -- Yuba County’s “Walnut Buying Period,” established by ordinance seven years ago to deter nut crop theft, will begin Nov. 8, according to Agricultural Commissioner Stephen Scheer.

The Walnut Buying Period is the declared conclusion of harvest of the Chandler variety of walnuts by the Agricultural Commissioner, after consultation with a committee of walnut growers. Beginning Monday, walnut buying operations within Yuba County may lawfully purchase and receive walnuts that have not been dried or processed.  

Walnuts are the second highest valued agricultural commodity in Yuba County. According to the Yuba County 2020 Crop Report, there were 16,776 harvested acres in Yuba County with a market value of over $37 million.

The walnut industry is vulnerable to theft due to the manner in which the nuts are harvested. Typically, walnuts are shaken from the trees and left in windrows until they are collected by harvesting equipment. Unfortunately, some people steal them from orchards and sell the walnuts illegally. The Walnut Theft Ordinance is intended to deter such activities.

On Sept. 22, 2014, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the ordinance pertaining to the purchase and sale of walnut crops. In addition to establishing the buying period, the ordinance also establishes requirements regarding the transportation and identification of walnuts as well as requiring “proof of ownership” documentation for possessors and buyers of walnuts.

For further information, including the ordinance, FAQ’s, and Proof of Ownership documentation, please visit: