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$21 million grant approved for new curbs, gutters, sidewalks in West Linda

Yuba County Public Works’ expansive transportation project that will add over 35,000 feet of sidewalk and over 22,000 feet of bike lanes along seven road segments in West Linda was formally awarded the $21 million grant needed to kick off.

This Safe Routes to School project will also construct storm drains, crosswalks, curbs, gutters, and ADA-compliant ramps. These roadways serve neighborhoods and students attending nearby Cedar Lane Elementary and New Life Christian schools, where obstacles like roadside ditches and power poles currently force pedestrians into the travel lane.

“Yuba County has been relentlessly pursuing funding opportunities to build sidewalks and bike lanes to provide safe routs to schools,” Public Works Director Dan Peterson said. “Most of West Linda’s roads lack sidewalks, bicycle lanes and drainage facilities. This project – unprecedented in scope -- constitutes a comprehensive effort in rectifying these deficiencies and will have a truly transformational effect on the community of West Linda.”

Yuba County has been incrementally constructing sidewalks, bike lanes, and storm drains in the Linda community, starting at Cedar Lane Elementary next year, and expanding outward as funding becomes available. Current projects already in the works will provide sidewalks and bicycle facilities along Cedar Lane, Alicia Avenue, Garden Avenue, and Feather River Boulevard. This comprehensive Safe Routes to Schools project will extend from the northernmost point in West Linda on Garden Avenue, reaching all the way to Pasado Avenue to the south, and from Riverside Avenue on the west, to Arboga Road on the east.

This project will also support Yuba County’s two recent affordable housing projects on Alicia Avenue, as well as improving 16 transit stops in coordination with Yuba-Sutter Transit.

In addition to the $21 million grant from California Transportation Commission, the Yuba Water Agency has committed up to $5.4 million in additional grant funding as the local cost share for the project.