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2018 Yuba County Crop Report now online

Rice prices propel the grain to Top Crop status in Yuba County

Walnuts gave way to rice as Yuba County’s top crop in 2018, as the overall gross value of agricultural production increased to more than $241 million, up approximately 4 percent from the previous year.

Rice crops generated nearly $63 million, benefitting from a significant increase in prices, while walnut prices dipped significantly to lower that crop value to $42 million.

 “We certainly saw a good deal of price fluctuations among the various crop prices in 2018, which is really not that unusual,” said Yuba County Agricultural Commissioner Steve Scheer. “In the end, local agriculture values rose, once again proving our crops to be the economic driver for this region.”

Prunes saw prices drop slightly, as well, but the dried plum held its place as the third leading crop commodity in Yuba County with an estimated value of $32.4 million. Livestock and cling peaches each garnered around $20 million in value to rank fourth and fifth for the year.

Kiwis and timber made big strides in 2018. The kiwi crop expanded in acreage, resulting in a value that surged from nearly $7.4 million the previous year to more than $13.8 million. Timber benefitted from increased production that more than doubled its value, going from about $5 million to $12.2 million.

To see the full Yuba County 2018 Crop Report, click HERE.