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Yuba County awarded $48 million grant for massive drainage improvement in Olivehurst

Yuba County on Thursday was awarded a $48 million grant from the California Transportation Commission—which will fund the largest transportation and comprehensive drainage infrastructure improvement project ever undertaken by the County.
The project will design and construct over 26,000 feet of new storm drains, 52,000 feet of sidewalks, and 52,000 feet of bike routes along 13 roads in Olivehurst, which has long been plagued by localized street flooding. This project will improve Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Ninth Avenue, Tenth Avenue, Eleventh Avenue, Western Avenue, Beaver Lane, Canal Street, and Tulsa Avenue.
“I could not be more proud of Yuba County Community Development staff who work so diligently to improve the infrastructure for our communities,” said Mike Lee, Director of CDSA. “We have been immensely successful in obtaining state/federal grants to pay for the bulk of these infrastructure improvements, leveraging our local dollars tenfold.”
Yuba County Public Works has been planning for this comprehensive drainage project for years, as storm drains, sidewalks, and bike routes have already been constructed along Olivehurst Avenue, Powerline Road, Seventh Avenue, McGowan Parkway, a portion of Eleventh Avenue, and for the Olivehurst Roundabout. These projects alone represent a $17.9 million investment so far in these neighborhoods. 
While the Yuba Water Agency committed $9.9 million in local funds to meet the 20% local match typically required of this grant, the CTC voted to award the entire project amount without requiring any local match. 
“This funding would not have been possible without the full support of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors and the Yuba Water Agency,” said Public Works Director Sam Bunton. “We are so excited at this amazing opportunity and the support we’ve received to give back to the community.”
The grant is funded through CTC’s Local Transportation Climate Adaptation Program (LTCAP) and as such, this project will utilize findings from project analysis to design a robust drainage system that can increase resilience to climate change, increase mobility and accessibility, improve economic vitality, improve safety, and reduce vehicle miles traveled. 
“Olivehurst residents asked for new sidewalks and improved drainage, and this is a huge bite of the apple,” District 3 Supervisor Seth Fuhrer said. “I’m looking forward to seeing these significant improvements become a reality.”       

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