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For Emergencies, Know Your Zone/Get Alerts

Will you be ready when a disaster strikes?

Will you be among the first to get notified of a nearby dangerous situation?

If an Evacuation Zone is called out, will you know whether you live in that zone?

You can get ready now!


First, sign up for CodeRED. It's a free service used by Yuba County law enforcement and the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services to alert residents about an emergency situation close to them.  You can get alerted by text message, by calls to your cell phone, by calls to your landline, by email, or by all of those options.

Registration is simple. Click HERE to get started.


Yuba County is broken up into zones,  for the purpose of quickly reaching people in areas facing a serious risk. When a particular zone is either experiencing an emergency or is in the path of a dangers situation (such as fire or flood), people living in those zones who registered for CodeRED alerts will get alerted first.

So, how do you find your zone. Simple: visit the ZoneHaven website by clicking HERE and entering your address. The site will tell you what zone you live in -- WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT SOMEPLACE WHERE YOU WILL SEE IT EVERY DAY.

For more information on how to be prepared, visit:

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