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Animal Cruelty Investigation

Olivehurst, Ca. –  Thursday afternoon 1/13/2022, Yuba County Animal Care Services (ACS), aided by Yuba County Sheriff Deputies, Code Enforcement Officers, and Sheriff’s Posse Volunteers,  served a search warrant at a residence in the 1600 block of 2nd Avenue in Olivehurst and discovered dozens of animals living in deplorable conditions in and around the home. 61animals were seized and taken into safekeeping for care and treatment. Found living inside the uninhabitable residence were species ranging from livestock and poultry, to domestic animals. The home was observed strewn with garbage and feces, with many animals in small crates and malnourished conditions. One dead horse was also located and removed. There was no suspect present at the time of the search.

The investigation began on 12/28/21 after ACS responded to animal welfare concerns from neighbors and a report of a dead horse at the property. ACS officers observed several animals in plain sight at the 2nd Avenue residence that appeared in poor condition, prompting the escalation of the investigation that led to yesterday’s search warrant and subsequent rescue.

Yuba County Sheriff Wendell Anderson shared his appreciation for the efforts led by his Animal Care Services team, stating, “This case was a prime example of stellar teamwork by all involved.  We had members from Code Enforcement, Animal Care Services, and our Operations divisions involved from the beginning.  The Sheriff’s Posse was instrumental as well, and had it not been for everyone’s involvement and coordination the operation would not have been possible.  Men and Women from the posse rallied and brought their personally owned trailers and vehicles out to assist with the recovery.  The willingness of the various members of our department to work together made this possible.  The continued care and treatment of the animals that were saved will require additional cooperation as Animal Care Services and members of the Posse will be tasked with the housing and upkeep of these animals.  It was truly remarkable to see the work of these men and women who rescued these animals.  The condition of the animals and the setting in which they were found was deplorable. Staff never complained, and simply trudged forward in a flooded field and into a house full of debris, litter and feces, for the benefit of these animals. I would like to thank all involved in the investigation, the operation, and the continued care of these neglected animals.”

All of the animals were transported to two different county facilities and immediately seen by a veterinarian. They will remain in Yuba County care during the course of the criminal investigation and will not be available for adoption until the criminal case has been adjudicated. The Non-Profit Yuba County Animal Care Services Volunteers “ACS STARS” c/o the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office can accept monetary donations toward feed and medical care of the seized animals. Product donations such as dog food, pig food, poultry food, and hay would also be greatly appreciated and can be coordinated by contacting the Yuba County Animal Care Services Office at 530-741-6478.

The home has been deemed unsafe to occupy by Yuba County Code Enforcement and the criminal investigation remains active and ongoing. Investigators will be forwarding the case the Yuba County District Attorney requesting an arrest warrant for felony animal cruelty. The identity of the alleged suspect is being withheld at this time, pending the outcome of the investigation and DA review. We will provide updates as they become available.