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FAQS about vaccines

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the vaccines work?

How much will a COVID-19 vaccine cost?

What happens to my personal information when I sign up to receive the vaccine?

Will there be enough vaccine for everyone?

When were the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines approved?

What are the age limitation for the vaccine? Should my child or elderly parent get the vaccine?

If vaccines prevent people from getting "sick" with coronavirus, can they also prevent people from "carrying" the virus and infecting others?

How safe are the vaccines that are coming out right now? What are the side-effects?

How can I report any side-effects or adverse reactions I may experience possibly from the vaccine?

Is is possible to get COVID-19 from the COVID-19 vaccine?

Can people decide which vaccine to take?

Can my boss/employer force me to get the vaccine? Could the COVID-19 vaccine be made mandatory?

If the vaccines prevent people from getting "sick" with the coronavirus, can they also prevent people from "carrying" the virus and infecting others?

How can I prove that I received the COVID-19 vaccine?

If I get a fever as one of the side-effects of the vaccine, should I self-quarantine?

In the two-dose series for the vaccines, can I get one from one manufacturer and the second dose from a different manufacturer (Pfizer and Moderna)?

How long before a coronavirus vaccine takes effect?

Can I stop wearing a mask once I am vaccinated?

Should I get tested for COVID-19 before I get vaccinated for COVID-19?

How long will the COVID-19 vaccine protect me? Will I have to get a COVID-19 shot every year?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine work on the new strains?

How does COVID-19 affect pregnant women? Is it safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy? Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine if I am trying to get pregnant?

Can breastfeeding women get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Can my child get a COVID-19 vaccine?

How will I know when to get my second dose?

Will there be a required observation period after vaccination?

Will people who already had COVID-19 be able to get vaccinated? If someone already had COVID-19, should they still get the vaccine?

What if a person gets COVID-19 in between vaccine doses 1 and 2?

Where can I find credible vaccine information?