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Roadside and Farm Stands

Individuals in the business of buying and reselling produce are required to have a license through the California Department of Food and Agriculture Market Enforcement Branch.  The following link will take you to the License Applications and Application Instructions found on CDFA's website.
In addition, proof of ownership is required if the amount of produce being sold exceeds 25 pounds.   A record of proof of ownership shall include:
  • the name, address, phone number, and signature of the seller
  • the name, address, phone number of the purchaser
  • the common name of the commodity 
  • the quantity sold
  • the date of the transaction
All agricultural products sold must comply with  marking requirements and standard containers, if applicable.  Marking requirements are as follows:
  • Identity- the common name of the commodity
  • Responsibility- the company name and address
  • Quantity- Net weight, measure, or count
Are you selling eggs from your property?  Prior to the sale of eggs, you are required to register as an egg handler.  

We suggest all roadside and farm stands visit the Yuba County Environmental Health website or contact an Environmental Health Specialist at 530-749-5450 to determine if additional requirements apply.