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Willow Fire Recovery Information coming soon.

 Current COVID-19 service levels:

  • CDSA will be available to process all Building, Environmental Health, Planning, and Public Works permits related to construction
  • CDSA main phone lines will be answered Monday – Friday between 8am-12pm and 1-4pm.
  • We are limiting face to face interactions as much as possible and encourage continuing use of our online tools
  • For business activities that cannot be accomplished using our online resources, appointments can be made by calling 530-749-5430
  • We remain committed to provide our customers with the best possible service during the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Building Department Staff
BLD team
Roland Stout,  Bobby Washburn,  Jeremy Strang,  Marie LaFranchi,  Dave Maddux,  Lisa LaMont,  Dan Burns,  Rob Garramore

Public Counter Hours:                                                               
Mon-Fri: By appointment only                                                                     
Se Habla Español                                                                                        
PH: (530) 749-5440
FAX: (530) 749-5616 
IVR: (530) 749-5640


We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and we understand how valuable your time is.  CDSA employees spend much of their workdays away from the office or working on projects.  To ensure that we have the right person here to help you with whatever your needs are, please contact our office to check the availability of the staff person you need.

 We’re more than happy to schedule an appointment to make sure that we have the right person here at a time that meets your needs.

 For the list of Agency employees, click here

Inspection Schedule:  Click here  to view Today's Inspection Schedule.

Yuba County Building Department
ew California Code Adoption

 All construction plans submitted on or after January 1, 2020 are required to be in compliance based on the below stated California Codes:

California Code of Regulations Title 24, Parts 1 – 6 & 8 – 12

Effective January1, 2020 

  • 2019 California Building Code (based on the 2018 International Building Code)
  • 2019 California Residential Code (based on the 2018 International Residential Code)
  • 2019 California Electrical Code (based on the 2018 National Electrical Code)
  • 2019 California Mechanical Code (based on the 2018 Uniform Mechanical Code)
  • 2019 California Plumbing Code (based on the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code)
  • 2019 California Fire Code (based on the 2018 International Fire Code)
  • 2019 California Energy Code
  • 2019 California Green Building Standards Code 

 Mission Statement
The Yuba County Building Department is an integral part of CDSA that combines building and construction services with code enforcement activities to safeguard public health, safety and general welfare of the communities it serves within the County.  We are responsible for application intake, plan-check, permit issuance and inspection for all buildings and structures, existing or new, within the unincorporated area of the County.  Building and Construction Services is the local enforcing authority for regulations promulgated by the State of California Building Standard Commission which are codified in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.  These regulations set the minimum requirements to create safe, healthy, and accessible buildings.  The regulations also provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations and protect our natural resources by making buildings energy efficient and sustainable. Before commencing construction, repair or making any alterations, please confer with the Building Department to make certain that the project conforms to current building and zoning codes and that the proper permits are obtained. 

Services Provided to the Public:
The Building Department implements policy and procedure for the construction process by use of Yuba County Board of Supervisors adopted ordinances, California Code of Regulations Title 24, Local, State, Federal Departments, Districts and Agencies. In an ongoing effort to provide and maintain the highest level of customer service possible the following are examples outlining some of the many services provided in the achievement of our goal:

  • Thorough evaluation of plan submittal documents to assure all necessary information has been included.
  • Rapid plan disbursement to appropriate Departments, Divisions, Districts and Agencies for review.
  • Timely Building Department plan reviews are performed by our International Code Council (ICC) certified plan review staff.
  • Comprehensive field inspections are performed by our International Code Council (ICC) certified inspection staff.
  • Provide general information regarding building codes, construction methods and materials used within the building environment.

Jeremy Strang, Building and Code Enforcement Manager
915 8th Street, Suite 123
Marysville, California 95901