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Sycamore Ranch
Campground & Day Use
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IMG_11024Located at 5390 Hwy 20, Browns Valley, CA, 0.3 miles east of Marysville Rd.
Sycamore Ranch is located westerly of Hammon Grove Park just across Dry Creek.  Sycamore Ranch encompasses 90 acres and has the same beauty and history as Hammon Grove Park.  Sycamore Ranch also has campsites available for reservation as well as Day Use Gazebo Areas.

The Sycamore Ranch Campground will be closed beginning on December 16. It will reopen, weather permitting, on April 1.

Day Use will still be available, except in the event of local flooding or emergency.

Campground Map        Campground Rules 
To reserve the Day Use area, please contact our office at (530) 749-5430  
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Hammon Grove Park

Located at 5560 Hwy 20, Browns Valley CA, 0.8 miles east of Marysville Road.
Hammon Grove Park offers a glimpse into the rich past of Yuba County’s gold mining legacy.  Encompassing just over 40 acres, Hammon Grove sits where Long Bar - a town long since buried under layers of hydraulic mining debris - once flourished.  The land, a remnant of Wendell P. Hammon’s vast dredging operation, is littered with tell-tale signs of the quartz mining operation of days past.  From extensive water canals that traverse the property leading to the mine tailings brought forth from deep underground, the stories can all but be heard from the subtle evidence that the Yuba River once thrived with prospectors.

A one-mile trail that follows the circumference of the park affords visitors the opportunity to experience the essence of the Yuba County foothills and its natural splendor.  With majestic oak trees, California sycamores and towering pines, benches and tables along the way allow visitors to stop and enjoy the surrounding beauty.  Yuba River access is provided at one-half mile from the trailhead and a paved road also allows vehicle access from Highway 20 to the river.  Reservations are available for group functions.

To reserve the BBQ Area please contact our main office at (530) 749-5430 
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