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Planning Commission 2021

 Agendas:             Minutes:        Meeting Attachments/Staff Reports:
1/20/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
2/17/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
3/17/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
4/21/2021 Agenda 4/21/2021 Minutes Housing Element Update Public Draft, Staff Report, Presentation,  and Comments 
5/19/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
6/16/2021 Agenda 6/16/2021 Minutes PSPP2020-0001 Staff Report Package, TSTM2021-0001 Staff Report Package
7/21/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
8/18/2021 Meeting Cancelled    
9/15/2021 Agenda 9/15/2021 Minutes TSTM2021-0003 Staff Report Package
TSTM2021-0005 Staff Report Package

10/20/2021 Agenda   TSTM2021-0004 CZ2021-0002 PC STAFF REPORT PACKAGE
TSTM2021-0007 PC STAFF REPORT Package
11/17/2021 Agenda 10/20/2021 Minutes TSTM2021-0004 and CZ2021-0002 PC Staff Report Package
OA2021-0001 Staff Report Package
CUP2021-0001 Staff Report Package
12/15/2021 Meeting Cancelled