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Planning Commission 2022

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 Agendas:             Minutes:        Meeting Attachments/Staff Reports:
1-19-22 Agenda 11-17-21 Minutes TSTM2021-0008 Staff Report Package
SR 20 & Kibbe Road Intersection Project - DEIR Public Comment Staff Report
SR 20 & Kibbe Road Attachment 1 - Draft Environmental Impact Report
SR 20 & Kibbe Road Attachment 2 - Notice of Availability
SR 20 & Kibbe Road Attachment 3 - Site Maps
2-16-22 Agenda 1-19-22 Minutes VAR2021-0001 PC Staff Report Package
3-16-22 Meeting Cancelled    
4-20-22 Meeting Cancelled     
5-18-22 Meeting Cancelled    
6-15-22 Meeting Cancelled    
7-20-22 Agenda 2-16-22 Minutes TSTM2022-0001 PC Staff Report Package
8-17-22 Agenda 7-20-22 Minutes CUP2021-0005 STAFF REPORT PACKAGE
OAs 2022-0001_0003 Staff Report Package
SPA2022-0001 PLSP Staff Report Package
9-21-22 Agenda 8-17-22 Minutes TSTM2022-0007; Final Staff Report
2022 DC Update Public Workshop Staff Report

10-19-22 Agenda 9-21-22 Minutes TSTM2022-0007 Staff Report Package
11-16-22 Agenda 10-19-22 Minutes PSPP2022-0001 Staff Report Package
PUD2022-0001 & TSTM2021-0012 STAFF REPORT Package
12-21-22 Agenda 11-16-22 Minutes OA2022-0004 Staff Report Package