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Grand Jury

Yuba County Grand Jury
215 5th Street, 3rd Floor-Suite 325
Marysville, CA  95901
Call: (530) 749-7341
Fax: (530) 749-7304


The Grand Jury's role has its basis in the U.S. Constitution (Fifth Amendment), in the California State Constitution (Art. 1, Sec 23), and in numerous statutes of the State of California.  It functions as an arm of the judicial branch of government, and at the local level, operates under the authority of the Superior Court.

Grand Jury Forms Most Recent Reports

Citizen Complaint Form      

Grand Jury Application

2023-2024 Grand Jury Final Report

2022-2023 Grand Jury Final Report

2021-2022 Grand Jury Final Report

2020-2021 Grand Jury Final Report

2019-2020 Grand Jury Final Report

2018-2019 Grand Jury Final Report

All reports and forms are in PDF format

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How does the Grand Jury Process Work?

Who Can Serve on the Grand Jury?

How to file a complaint?