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Adult Division

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Stephanie Biehle
Adult Division Manager
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The primary task accomplished by the Investigations Unit is the preparation of investigative reports for the Superior Court on criminal, diversion, and community supervision actions.  These reports include information regarding an individual's convicted offense, criminal history, background, victim restitution, and a sentencing recommendation to the Superior Court regarding whether the individual should be sentenced to jail, prison, or placed under our supervision within the community.   


Pre-Trial Services (PTS) conducts risk assessments on eligible individuals booked in the Yuba County Jail with a primary focus on public safety and likelihood of appearing for future Court hearings.  PTS makes recommendations to the Superior Court regarding pre-trial detention, release, and appropriate conditions of release.  PTS also provides supervision of individuals released from custody while their case is pending trial.  This supervision may include court appearance reminders, home visits, referrals for applicable services, and drug testing.


The Probation Department manages a variety of specialized programs including Drug Court and Proposition 36.  These program elements are highly structured drug treatment programs involving judicial case supervision coupled with intensive probation supervision, drug treatment, drug testing, and life skills/health services.


The Adult Supervision Unit supervises individuals placed on Formal Probation, Mandatory Supervision, and Post Release Community Supervision.  Risk assessments are conducted on supervised individuals and the level of supervision is determined on a case by case basis depending on a person's needs and risk to re-offend. 

Conditions of supervision may include office visits, home visits, drug and alcohol testing, referrals to department and community based services such as job training, education, behavioral health, substance abuse counseling, housing assistance, or the T.E.A.M. Center.  

Formal Probation 
The Court may place an individual convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanors on supervised probation for a specific period of time in lieu of incarceration and/or imprisonment.  If that person complies with the conditions of supervision for the duration of their probation, they are successfully released from supervision.  If an individual fails to comply with the conditions of probation, the Court may sentence them to jail (misdemeanors) or prison (felonies).  Certain felony offenses qualify for imprisonment in state prison whereas other felony offenses require an individual to serve their prison sentence in jail.  

Mandatory SupervisionProbation in the field
Individuals who are convicted of a felony offense requiring them to serve their prison commitment in the county jail may be subject to serving a portion of their sentence out of custody on Mandatory Supervision.  A person placed on Mandatory Supervision is supervised by the probation department and ordered to comply with the conditions of supervision.  A person who fails to comply is subject to returning to custody to serve the remaining portion of their prison sentence in jail.   

Post Release Community Supervision 
Individuals who are convicted of a felony offense requiring them to serve their prison commitment in state prison are evaluated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) while in prison to determine whether they will be placed on Parole or Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) upon release.  CDCR supervises parolees and the Probation Department supervises individuals released on PRCS.  Individuals placed on PRCS are required to comply with conditions of supervision similar to Probation and Mandatory Supervision.