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Victim Services

Erich Runge
Victim Witness Program Manager
209 6th Street, Marysville, CA 95901
(530)741-6275  Fax: (530)749-7913
Victim Services Building in Marysville
Victim Services Mission

"To provide comprehensive, nurturing and restorative services to victims of crime
which seek to restore their dignity and ensure that their rights are afforded."


Our Victim Advocates are equipped to offer emotional support, financial links and important information about how the system works. The intent of the Victim Services Program is to reduce the trauma and insensitivity that victims suffer following a crime. Advocates navigate victims through the legal system, directing them to agencies and organizations that offer assistance and emergency services. Our program has an in-house treatment component staffed by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Interns who can provide free therapy to all crime victims.

Victim Services Available

Victim Services offers comprehensive services to victims and witnesses of all types of crimes. Assistance is provided from the moment the crime occurs for as long as assistance is needed; there is no cutoff for assistance by the program. The Program was created by the passage of Section 13835 et seq. of the California State Penal Code, which mandates local comprehensive centers for victim and witness assistance throughout California. In the County of Yuba, this assistance is administered through the Probation Department.

In California, victims of crime have a constitutional right to restitution. Restitution involves restoring economic losses incurred by crime victims or returning what was taken away from them as a result of a crime. It is the policy of the Chief Probation Officer that all department staff members will assist victims to become whole after suffering the effects of crime.

Victims of violent crimes can also receive some reimbursement for eligible losses from the state. The California Victim Compensation Board (State Board) administers the program that is primarily funded by restitution fines that courts order convicted offenders to pay in every case. The application for the Crime Victim Compensation can be found at

The victim claims will only pay crime-related bills not covered by insurance or other sources. Reimbursements cannot exceed a total of $70,000 for a particular crime. Each of the above losses may have their own limits. You do not need a lawyer or other representatives to receive payments through the State Board Victim Compensation Board.

If you have been a victim of a crime and need assistance, you can call 530-741-6275. A Victim Advocate will speak with you and determine how we can assist you. Program services are provided free of charge, and there is no legal citizenship requirement to receive assistance.