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290 Registration Information

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Yuba County 290 Registration Information

All  290 Registration Inquiries regarding appointments and scheduling will be handled through email.  Please send an email to the following address with your information and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:
290 Registration Information

SB384 Petition Information

Petition forms are made available by the courts located at 215 5th Street (second floor)

You may request a copy of your Proof of Registration form and Tier Letter by emailing [email protected] or dial 530-749-7777 and listen to the phone tree for the 290 Registration option.

Once you have petition forms, please fill them out and file them with the courts.

You must then serve four copies of the filed petition:

  • Yuba County D.A. Office
  • Yuba County Sheriff’s Department
  • A. Office in county of conviction
  • Law Enforcement Agency in County of conviction

ODIN Intelligence Information

ODIN is an internal app used by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office to safely communicate with the registered offenders in our jurisdiction.  This app can be downloaded on any smart phone and can be used by our registered offenders to check their status and verify that they are in compliance, or message us to schedule an appointment for registration.  Each registered offender located in Yuba County has an assigned App ID and PIN that is used to login.  If you are a registered sex offender and you aren’t sure what your App ID and PIN are, please contact us at 530-749-7777 and listen to the phone tree for the 290 Registration option