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Inmate Mail

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Yuba County Jail
Inmate Mail

The mailing address for inmates housed in the Yuba County Jail is:
P.O. Box 1031
Marysville, California 95901

There are no restrictions on the number of letters you may send. Incoming mail that depicts gang related markings or derogatory remarks will be returned to sender. Any items sent in by mail other than a letter, single layer card, money, limited amount of wallet size photos (3 x 5 max.), shall be returned to sender. Items received in the mail that are not acceptable for the jail will be returned, in total, to the sender. Unacceptable items will not be placed in inmates' property. Envelopes without a return address will be dealt with according to postal regulations. The Jail does not accept packages for inmates. Packages will be refused and returned to the sender by the post office.

Inmates are not allowed to have written correspondence with other inmates housed at the Yuba County Jail. Mail to or from other persons may be censored for contraband. If the inmates have no money on their books, they will be permitted two postage-free letters each week to write to family and friends. They will be permitted unlimited number of postage-free letters to their attorney and to the courts.


(1) Loose postage stamps or postage books contained inside the envelope

(2) Stickers

(3) Envelopes received will be plain white and contain only the return address, information to the addressee (Name, ID#, and facility address), and postage. Envelopes stained with lipstick, chocolate, oils, perfumes or other materials or foreign substances will not be accepted and returned to sender.

(4) Embossed cards or cards with raised areas, which enclose a space, music, devices, attached items, flocked designs of which for other reason may be deemed capable of compromising jail security (i.e., fancy greeting cards, etc.).    

(5) Any type of item normally denied inmates.

(6) Any type of item normally available through inmate commissary.

(7) Photographs with enclosed spaces capable of concealing contraband (i.e., Polaroid pictures)

(8) Obscene material such as depictions of acts of sexual intercourse (actual or simulated), exposure of male or female sex organs or bare breasts.

(9) Any material deemed inappropriate based on a valid penological interest. 

Photographs may be given to inmates subject to the following guidelines:

(10) Photographs shall be unadorned and shall not exceed 3 inches by 5 inches in size.

(11) Photographs are not considered “contraband” pursuant to item [1] above.

(12) Jail staff may prohibit photographs which they deem capable of compromising the security of the facility. This includes Polaroid Photographs.